Resources. Carousing covers a workweek of fine food, strong drink, and socializing. Characters may carouse with the Lower-class, Middle-class, or the Upper-class. Carousing allows a character to make friendly or hostile contacts. Friendly Contacts are NPC's who will provide aid to the character though not at the risk of their own life. Hostile Contacts are NPC's who bear a grudge against the character, placing obstacles in their way but stopping short of crime or bodily harm. Some Contacts will be introduced by the DM while others are given to the player to declare an NPC to be their contact in the moment. A character can hold 1+CHA MOD unnamed contacts at one time.

Lower-class Carousing. Lower-class Carousing costs 10gp per workweek. The contacts made from the Lower-class are people like farmers, criminals, laborers and any other folk who favor the cheapest taverns in town.

Middle-class Carousing. Middle-class Carousing costs 50gp per work week. Middle-class contacts include guild members, merchants, acolytes and low level city officials, and those who favor reputable well kept establishments.

Upper-class Carousing. It costs 250gp to cover the cost of food, drink, and access to the nobility needed to carouse among them, unless the character has the noble background in which case it only costs 150gp. Upper-class contacts include successful merchants, people of high station or wealth, and the nobility of the city.

Resolution. After a full workweek of carousing you make a Persuasion check to determine how many, if any, contacts you have made and their disposition towards you.



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