Crafting Magic Items

Crafting Magic items requires more than just time, effort and materials. It is a long-term process that may take multiple adventures to complete. First you must find or discover the formula for the magic item. This can be done through research or by uncovering the formula on an adventure. Every magic item calls for one or more exotic materials to create it. These items are always hard to come by and often the entire goal of an adventure is to acquire one. After you have acquired the exotic materials needed you also must pay the cost for the materials needed to craft the item and spend the workweeks required to craft the item as listed below

Item Rarity Workweeks* Cost*
Common 1 50 gp
Uncommon 2 200 gp
Rare 10 2,000 gp
Very Rare 25 20,000 gp
Legendary 50 100,000 gp

*halved for consumable items

Crafting Potions. Potions follow slightly different rules for crafting. All of the previous rules apply however it is much easier to discover the formula for a potion. If you can cast a spell that provides a similar effect to the desired effect of the potion, and your DM approves, then you automatically know the formula for that potion. In addition you can purchase the exotic materials required for half the listed cost of the item rarity. Or if you prefer you can gather the exotic materials as normal.

Potions of Healing. Potions of Healing are a special type of magic item that is much easier to craft. So long as the character is proficient with an herbalism kit they may craft a potion of healing for the time and expense listed below

Type Time Cost
Healing (2d4+2) 1 Day 25 gp
Greater Healing (4d4+4) 1 Workweek 100 gp
Superior Healing (8d4+8) 3 Workweeks 1,000 gp
Supreme Healing (10d4+20) 4 Workweeks 10,000 gp


Crafting Magic Items

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