Resources. The character must spend 1 workweek and at least 25 gp gathering information on potential targets

Resolution. The character will have to make 3 skill checks over the course of their heist. The DC for these is chosen by the player and will determine how much money he can make.

DC Value
10 50 gp, robbery of a struggling merchant
15 100 gp, robbery of a prosperous merchant
20 200 gp, robbery of a noble
25 1,000 gp, robbery of the richest person in town

You must make a Stealth, Dexterity w/Thieves tools, and either an Investigation, Perception, or Deception check. If you fail all the checks you are caught and must pay a fine equal to the amount you would have made and must spend 1 week in jail for every 25 gp of the fine. If you fail 2 of the checks the heist fails but you escape. If you fail 1 of the checks you make only half of the gold. If you succeed all of them you get the full amount




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